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Our Cars

We have two cars at Progress to learn in – a smart Kia Rio Diesel (manual transmission) and, for you Eco Warriors,  a Toyota Yaris Hybrid for automatic lessons.

Pictures of both cars are COMING SOON!!

Why drive an automatic?

Driving an automatic car is easier than driving a manual, because you’ve only got two pedals instead of three (there’s a clutch on a manual; there’s no clutch on an auto).

If it’s easier, why don’t more people drive automatic?

The main reason is that there are fewer cars with automatic transmission. Take a look at the classifieds for ‘cars for sale’. The vast majority are manual transmission. The second main reason is that the licensing/driving test system is set up more favourably for manual – if you pass a test on a manual car, you can drive manual and auto; if you pass a test on an automatic car, you can only drive an auto.

I know I need automatic lessons.

If driving a manual car is difficult or impossible, then a car with automatic transmission is for you.

At Progress, we are happy to say that we can help you with the skills you need to pass an automatic driving test, and thereby start your driving career.

Give us a call to get it all set up.


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